Extra/Ordinary: Merging the Real and Surreal in Fiction

July 21-22 2018 / Iowa Summer Writing Festival / Iowa City, IA

In this weekend workshop, we’ll read and write fiction that breaches the parameters of strict realism by incorporating elements of the supernatural, the shocking, and the absurd. We’ll consider the effect of using “strangeness” to draw readers in, disarm them, and reset their expectations, with the ultimate goal of more brightly illuminating the “real” conflicts we wish to explore.

More information available here: Iowa Summer Writing Festival.

Five-Day MFA Workshop

July 22-27 2018 / Iowa Summer Writing Festival / Iowa City, IA

This week-long workshop is designed to give you a concentrated version of the close reading and community you might find in a creative writing graduate program. We’ll engage in intense, extended discussions of each writer’s story (or novel chapter), offering thorough and thoughtful feedback as a way of challenging each other and ourselves.

More information available here: Iowa Summer Writing Festival.